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All About Gel is a gel polish that is applied to your natural or on top of acrylic nails like nail polish. Our Gels are 100% gel and solvent free. Gel polish stays intact on the nail for a longer period of time than that of normal polish with longer lasting shine and the bonus of no cracking, peeling or chipping.

All About Gel polish will cure under the All About Gel LED lamp in 30 seconds for the base and colour coats. Please allow 60 seconds for the top coat to cure to ensure long lasting shine. Please note these setting times also apply to curing the gel polish on acrylic nails.

Our Gel polish  on the natural nail should last 14 plus days if it is applied following All About Gel tutorial directions.

All About Gel polish is solvent free therefore you will need to gentle buff the top coat layer from the nail giving it a dull effect (if you have done more than 2 coats of colour,  ensure to buff the colour down to the second layer). Apply acetone to your nails using cotton wool then either wrapping them in foil or using clips. Leave your nails to soak up for 7-10 minutes allowing the acetone to penetrate through each layer of gel. The gel polish will now peel away from the nail and should be easily buffed off (be careful not to over file/buff the natural nail). If you have stubborn gel remaining on the nail, repeat the above steps until fully removed.

If you have applied and removed All About Gel correctly following our tutorials your natural nail will not be damaged.

All About Gel will give your natural nail the strength to grow in length. We all need to ensure  we look after our nails in between manicures to keep them healthy and strong.

No, when applying our gel polish to acrylic nails you do not need to use base coat. With some colours and top coats the curing time may be less.

Yes, you can use as many colours as you like. Be creative.

Your Gel polish may be wrinkling because you are not applying thin enough coats for the light to cure. With the dark more solid colours you may need to have a longer curing time because the LED takes a little bit longer to set.

You can remove the gel polish by filing or drilling it off the nail. Be very to only file/drill were the colour is avoiding your natural nail.

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